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10 July
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Im Ashley and 20 years old. After growing up in NJ i moved to florida when i was 17 until i decided to make a change and move to New York....last month. So far so goood. Im big on family and I couldnt love living up here more than i already do with the fact that the majority of my family live on the same block-and if not about 10 minutes away. It just feels good being so close to them now after being so far way for so long. Nothing beats good company. I love to go out and at the same time i can be a total home-body. I enjoy going to parties and clubs, but its not my life. Im very sarcastic with a big heart and full of contradictions - along with a few insecurities. Soon I'll be taking dance classes in the city, picking up from where i left off, which is always an amazing experience.Im an impulsive shopper, i know it sounds superficial to write about , but its a big part of me. I just really apreciate anything that can be put into a person's wardrobe or home. I believe that laughing and loving is the universal cure for anything. As of now Brooklyn is treating pretty me good...no complaints ;)

***********few years ffast foward alot has changed!!! im now in florida again! after living in nj for a while. Im a hair stylist at a paul mitchell focus salon , salon 427, i live with my second family the valones, my bestfriends family. my dads still in brooklyn and now my mom will be down here in october, any other updates chek the entries..a lot has changed, and will only continue to do so.